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We are a women-owned and operated company. We focus on creating Hair solutions for all your SFX creatures, cosplays, and phantasy looks. Our goal is to create film-grade wigs and products that are application-ready for makeup artists. (no need to hire a hairstylist, you got this!). All of our pieces are designed to save you on budget and application time. Although all pieces come in standard sizes, we can customize the size of any product for you with measurements or a polyfoam casting of your prosthetics as well! From Aliens to Zombies we got what you need to make your Monsters Magical


What we offer 

At hooligan hairpiece we offer a wide variety of wigs and hairpieces for both purchase and rental. We also offer custom creations for your needs. We can create fully custom wigs, alter premade wigs, adjust hairlines, or supply hair additions such as beard extensions. We also specialize in unique cap construction design. This allow us to create extraordinary pieces for non-human shaped/sides heads (for busts prosthetics, props and more). Furthermore, we can offer training videos for each piece that can guide you on application, styling and upkeep to get the best result with you hairpiece. 

Need more then just a helping hand?

Our services extend beyond pre-production work. We are also available for custom fittings, test applications as well as on set applications. Hooligan Hairpieces also offers weekly maintenance on hair pieces throughout shooting to keep your hair looking on point, 

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